Technological Innovation Makes Food Packaging Machine Enterprises More Competitive

- Aug 16, 2017-

The development of food packaging machine in our country said the long not short, since the food packaging machine in China began to develop now, China's food packaging machine gradually from the "infant" growth for the current "young adults", reform and opening-up policy so many excellent technology into the domestic, the development of food packaging machinery industry has been relatively mature, many domestic enterprises have also begun to take shape.

However, compared with the developed countries, China's food packaging machinery industry supporting a small number, lack of high-precision and large-scale products, can not meet market demand, product quality gap performance in product performance is low, the stability and reliability of the poor appearance, the impact of the overall quality of products, but also the domestic packaging machinery industry lack of leading enterprises, large-scale production, product grade of the enterprise is not much; also basically stay in the test imitation stage, the ability to develop weak, lack of research and production pilot base.