Simple And Common Terminology Of Packaging Machinery

- Aug 16, 2017-

1. Packaging Machinery Packaging Machine Packaging machinery

A machine that completes all or part of the packaging process. Packaging process including molding, filling, sealing, wrapping and other main packaging processes, as well as cleaning, drying, sterilization labeling, strapping, assembly, disassembly, such as before and after the packaging process transfer, election and other ancillary packaging procedures.

2. Automatic packaging machine Automatic packaging machine

Automatic packaging machine is generally divided into semi-automatic packaging machine and automatic charter two kinds. By the artificial supply of packaging materials (containers) and internal loading, but can automatically complete other packaging process of the machine is called semi-automatic packaging machine. Automatic completion of the main packaging process and other ancillary packaging process machines, known as automatic packaging machine.

3. Automatic packaging lines automatic packaging line

A continuous packaging system connected by several automatic packaging machines. Other machines or equipment that are not part of the packaging machinery may also be included on the automatic packaging line.

4. Special Packaging Machine Packaging machine Special Purpose packaging machine

A machine dedicated to packing a product.

5. Multi-use packaging machine multi-purpose packaging machine

A machine for wrapping two or more different types of products by replacing or adjusting the mechanism.

6. General Packaging Machine Universal Packaging machine

Suitable for the packaging of two or more different types of products within the specified range

7. Packaging machinery Effective Operation time packaging machinery or operation times

The sum of the working time of the packing machine without malfunction.

8. Packaging Machinery Failure Time packaging machinery stoppage times

The total amount of time that the packaging machinery caused by the machine itself caused downtime or reduced productivity.

9. Packaging Machinery general operating time packaging machinery operation Times

The sum of effective operation time and failure time of packaging machinery

10. Packaging Machinery Production time packaging machinery production times

Packaging machinery Effective operation time, loading time, inspection time and total failure time.

11. Packaging Machinery Conversion Time Packaging machine packaging machinery change times

Packaging machinery or packaging production line to transform the packaging container, packaging size, the total amount of time or fill.