Shrink Packaging Machine Packaging Method

- Aug 16, 2017-

According to different packaging methods, shrink packaging machine roughly divided into the following three types of packaging:

1. Both ends open

It is wrapped in a cylindrical membrane or flat membrane in a sleeve before the heat contraction, packaging after the completion of the packaging at both ends of a contraction port.

⑴ when using cylindrical membrane, the tube membrane opening open, and then the use of the chute to push the product into the film, and then cut off the film. As shown in Figure 1. This method is more suitable for the cylindrical shape items wrapped, such as batteries, paper rolls, bottles, such as packaging. The advantage of using cylindrical membrane packaging is to reduce the 1 ~ 2 sealing process, beautiful appearance, the disadvantage is not suitable for product diversification requirements, only applicable to a single product mass production.

⑵ with flat film wrapped articles, useful Dan Changping membrane and double Zhang ping membrane wrapping two kinds of way. The film should be wider than the object, with double Zhang Ping film, that is, using the top, the next two film wrapping, in the previous package to complete the sealing and shearing, the two pieces of membrane is sealed up, and then the product with a machine or hand to the upright film, in place after the sealing and shearing mechanism whereabouts, the product of the other side of the sealing and cutting, film wrapped products after the heat shrinkage, the two ends of the package to form an oval opening, with Dan Changping film, the first flat film, will be wrapped products to the middle of the flat film into the capsule, forming a horseshoe bag, Heat sealing and sealing.

⒉ four-sided sealed

Wrap the product around a flat film or tubular film, and the seams are sealed with lap joints. Used to seal the product packaging.

⑴ with folded film can be used L-type sealing method, using reel folding film, the film will be pulled out of a certain length in the horizontal position, with mechanical or manual opening end open, push the product to the fold seam.

⑵ Dan Changping membrane can be used pillow-shaped bag packaging. This method is to use the Dan Changping membrane, First seal longitudinal seam into a tube, push the product into it, then the sealing transverse seam cut into pillow-type packaging, or the two ends of the punch into a barrel-type packaging.

⑶ with double Zhang Ping film four-sided sealed packaging and two sides of the open similar, only on the machine equipped with both sides of the sealing device can be completed.

⑷ wrapped in cylindrical membrane, it is necessary to seal and puncture the hole at the same time that the tubular membrane is cut off, then heat shrinkage. At the end of the sealer there are often needles, hot seal when the needle on the film to puncture the vent, after the heat shrinkage small pores are often closed.

⒊ End Open

Pallet Shrink packaging is a typical example, first the film into a large bag, and then the big bag from top to bottom stacked on the pallet, and then heat shrinkage. The pallet of the product is placed on the conveyor belt, the film bag is contracted, the conveyor belt is fed into the heat contraction channel, and the shrink package is finished after the Heat shrink channel. Its main characteristic is that the product can be bound in a certain number of units securely, in the course of transport will not be loose, and can be stacked in the open air.