Operation Procedure And Precautions Of Shrink-wrapping Machine

- Aug 16, 2017-

⒈ Close the left power switch;

⒉ close the side heat switch, adjust the side heat knob to 4-5 stalls;

⒊ close the upper and lower heat switch, adjust the heat knob to 4-5 stalls;

⒋ Close the conveyor switch, adjust the transfer knob to about 4-5 stalls;

⒌ Adjust the heating temperature (can be set at about 130 ℃);

⒍ above operation, let the machine run for 3 minutes and then close the hot air switch (the actual operation also can not open the hot air switch);

⒎ put on the contraction film has been installed goods, you can shrink packaging;

⒏ in the actual situation, if the contraction after too many wrinkles, can reduce the transmission speed or improve the heating temperature, conversely, if there is a phenomenon of shrinkage, the temperature can be reduced;

After the ⒐ package is finished, the three-level heating switch is turned off, but the conveying motor and the hot air motor continue to run for about 10 minutes before cutting off the whole power supply.

Heat shrink packaging machine in operation should be noted:

⒈ Heat Shrink Packaging machine for (220v/380v voltage) single-phase/Three-phase four-wire system, of which 0 lines must be connected to the machine, otherwise the machine will not function properly;

⒉ the machine has stainless steel heating tube, installed on both sides, heated very red bright;

⒊ pay attention to the contraction chamber temperature to control in 230 ℃ (six gears) below, if over-temperature operation, will lead to premature aging of the circuit, electrical components life reduced;

⒋ shrink machine used in more than three months, should check the shrinkage of the indoor wiring aging, as appropriate replacement.

The classification of shrink-wrapping machine is divided into the dryer type shrink machine by machine, oven-type shrink machine, frame-type shrink machine, gun-type shrink machine, heat shrink machine, bagging packaging machine, shrink packaging machine, film packaging machine, heat shrink packaging machine, heat shrink film packaging machine, automatic heat shrink packaging machine, etc.