Five Characteristics Of Packaging Machinery

- Aug 16, 2017-

The main characteristics of packaging machinery are: most of the packaging machinery structure is complex, fast motion, high precision motion. In order to meet the performance requirements, the stiffness of the parts and surface quality of the table have higher requirements. For food and medicine packaging confidential easy to clean, and food and drug contact with the site is located in stainless steel or chemically treated non-toxic materials made. The process force of the packing operation is generally small, so the electric power of the packing machine is smaller.

Packaging machines are generally used stepless variable speed device to adjust the packaging speed flexibly, adjust the production capacity of the packaging machine. Because of the factors affecting the quality of packaging, such as the working status of the packaging machine (the movement of the Organization, the temperature of the working environment, humidity, etc.)/, packaging materials and packaging quality and so on. Therefore, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the machine, to meet the quality and production capacity needs, often the packaging machine design into stepless adjustable, that is, the use of CVT, some parts are also designed to be able to adjust.

Packaging machinery is a special type of professional machinery, a wide range of production and limited quantity. In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance, reduce the investment in equipment, in the design of various packaging machines should pay attention to the versatility and versatility.