Packaging machinery industry to take the road of specialization development

- Aug 16, 2017-

In recent years, in the face of food, medicine and other fields of huge packaging needs, China's packaging machinery industry has maintained an astonishing pace of development. But all kinds of products to the higher requirements of packaging and domestic and foreign packaging machinery industry fierce competition to China's packaging machinery industry has put forward a new challenge. Small, flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency will become the future packaging machinery product development direction.

Analysts pointed out: for a long time, China's packaging machinery products less varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability, in the international market and no advantage, processing and packaging equipment more than 80% rely on imports. At present, our country is faced with the development of agricultural products deep processing, construction of conservation-minded society, the development of circular economy and other tasks, packaging machinery products market is very broad, packaging machinery enterprises can speed up technological innovation, adapt to market demand, will get considerable profits.

As a supporting industry in many fields of national economy, packaging machinery industry benefits from the prosperity of other industries, its technological progress and ancillary services can also be counterproductive to other industries. At present, China's packaging machinery industry to maintain an annual growth of about 16%, the future direction of development is mainly:

First, the product changes the adaptability is higher. Because the life cycle of the packaging machinery product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, the expensive packing line must allow the size of the packing to vary in a certain size range to accommodate the frequently changing products.

Second, the market demand-oriented arrangements for production. With the development of modern society, people's demand for product packaging is higher and more personalized, packaging machinery enterprises must seize the market trends, the production of customer satisfaction packaging products.

Third, the technology becomes the key factor of the enterprise competition to win. At present, the world's advanced packaging machinery development has been shown to set machine, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, health as one of the momentum, production efficiency, product energy-saving can be recycled, High-tech practical, intelligent has become a trend, which should be the mainstream of China's packaging machinery industry development direction.