Maintenance precautions for shrink packaging machine

- Aug 16, 2017-

⒈ contraction machine should be in the temperature -10℃-50℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, the ambient air has no corrosive gas, no dust, no explosive dangerous environment use.

⒉ for shrinking machine to ensure that the vacuum pump normal operation, the vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. Always check the oil level, the normal oil level is the $number of the oil window (cannot exceed), when the vacuum pump has water or the oil color turns black, at this time should replace the new oil (general continuous work two months to replace once, with the vacuum gasoline or $number gasoline, oil also can).

⒊ impurity filters should be washed frequently (usually 1-2 months to clean, such as packaging debris should shorten the cleaning time).

⒋ continuous work 2-3 months should open the rear cover 30 pairs of sliding parts and switch touch block plus lubricating oil, on the heating bar of the connection activities should be used to lubricate the use of fuel.

⒌ for decompression, filtration, oil mist triple 24 to check regularly to ensure that oil mist, oil cup oil (sewing machine oil), filter cup without water.

⒍ heating strips, silicone strips to keep clean, not to stick with foreign bodies, so as not to affect the quality of sealing.

⒎ Heating Bar, the two layer of paste under the heating film insulation, when there is damage should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit.

⒏ User-owned working gas source and inflatable gas source, shrinking machine working pressure has been set to 0.3MPa, more appropriate, no special circumstances do not adjust too large.

⒐ shrink machine is not allowed to tilt and bump in the process of handling, not to put down handling.

⒑ must have a reliable grounding device during installation.

⒒ is strictly forbidden to put the hand under the heating bar, in case of injury, immediately cut off the power supply in case of emergency.

⒓ work when the first ventilation after power, downtime after the first cut off.