Domestic packaging Machinery market demand

- Aug 16, 2017-

Through to the domestic market analysis, "95" period on the packaging machinery demand will continue to grow rapidly, at the same time as people on the packaging requirements of the continuous improvement, in order to meet the rapid increase in domestic logistics and the need to expand exports, market economy will promote the rapid development of packaging and transport packaging. In recent years, the market demand for packaging machinery is mostly, simple list as follows:

Plastic Pipe Packing Machine

Bagging packaging application is very extensive, the demand is enormous, especially small and medium-sized plastic pipes are very large, the development of different state materials for the plastic tube packaging machine to solve the product adaptability, matching and reliability, and to multi-function, automation and high speed direction of development.

Steel Belt packing machine

Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion rate of zinc in the atmosphere is only steel in the atmospheric corrosion rate of 1/15, in order to facilitate transport and better protection from corrosion, steel belt packaging machine was born, especially high-speed, automated, multi-functional packaging machinery and its corresponding supporting composite packaging materials.

Aluminum Profile Packaging Machine

Aluminum surface smooth, corrosion resistance is not strong, although the production process will be made up, but the transport will inevitably have a very difficult problem, aluminum packaging machine to solve this problem, there are aluminum tubes, aluminum coils, aluminum and other related products can be a tour blade and solution.