Pill Tablet Packing Machine

Pill Tablet Packing Machine

pill tablet packing machine
1) Compact and simple structure
2) Stainless steel Construction
3) Conform to GMP standards

Product Details


Product Description

The pill tablet packing machine is a newly packaging machine designed machine in our company; its function has reached domestic leading level. It is suitable for capsule, tablet, big honey pill, candy, liquid, paste, one injector as well as irregular shape Al-plastic, paper-plastic composite packaging in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc. This machine is adopted with micro-computer PLC, frequency converter, touch panel operation, high automation.

Technical data

Packing sizes in mm,


Packing speed

30-180 packs per min

Packing film


Film roll inner diameter


Film roll outer diameter


Film thickness


Packing film width

Subject to product

Total power


Machine size and weight

4000*1050*1700mm  1000kg

Features for Our Packing Machine

1. Blister forming, hot-sealing, lot number printing, avulsion line impressing and cutting etc all adopt mandrel orientation, each can move freely in the mandrel when shaking the hand wheel, and the bliser packing machine has staff gauge, easy to adjust and exact orientation.

2. Manipulator towing adopted culms double pendulum device, increased traction adjustable scope of the itinerary , which can fit for pill tablet packaging of different sizes. The packing machine can registration heating, positive forming, up and down moiré, air cylinder heating sealing, automatic feeding, automatic lot number printing, automatic cutting die, easy to operate and credible running.

3. Forming positive pressure air distribution with mechanical punch, ensuring blister forming well, and could collocate exclusive automatic feeder. 

4. Main transmission part adopts parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, forming dies and hot-sealing dies and impressing dies adopt bolt orientation, with exact orientation, easy to change dies and material saving.

5. Detachable design make the pill tablet packing machine can be easily carried and installed according to the requirement of user.

Technical features of the pill tablet packing machine

1) Compact and simple structure

2) Stainless steel Construction

3) Conform to GMP standards

4) Auto Feeding

5) Automatic rejection of blisters

6) Can work with multi-plicate packaging materials

7) CE certificated