Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine

manual cellophane wrapping machine
*Excellent packaging quality
*PLC control with soft touch display
*All adjustments on the folding unit are with numeric indicators

Product Details


Product Introduction

1. Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine is fully adjustable, simple & quick size change over from one pack to another

2. Easy-to-use digital-indicate controller

3. All stainless steel construction to meet hygienic standards

4. Wrap missing or tear tape missing detection

5. Instant-heating low voltage system

6. Precise film cutting saved consumables cost


This Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine is widely used in paper, cosmetics, medicines, food, health supplies, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities, and other outside the box of transparent film three dimensional packaging .

Technical data

Speed (packs/min)

20-40 packs/min

Packing Material

BOPP or PVC or others

Film Roller Dia

Dia 75mm

Gas consumption


Total Installed Power


Power Cost



Less than 65dB(A)







Main Features of the machine

1.  Lower price of the Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine, only one third of that of the full automatic one.

2.  Lower price of the mould, easy and fast exchange, one machine can pack in tens of specifications.

3.  Lighter and beautiful appearance, unlimited by the weight of machine at the packing site.

4.  Easy operation, easy to learn and operate. Unnecessary to be operated by the professional.

5.  Stable performance, without maintenance, solve the problems of fully automatic one.

Product Advantages

*Excellent packaging quality

*PLC control with soft touch display

*All adjustments on the folding unit are with numeric indicators

*Temperature, sealing time and film length adjustments via the soft touch display.

*All machine settings can be stored in the PLC

*Optional film slitting on film roll

*Our Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine has no change parts aneeded.

Performance Characteristics:

1. The machine integrated with electrical ,pneumatic, mechanical , working stable and reliable ,three cams design is the newest innovative and had CE approved.

2. Quality product with imported components ,such as Omron temperature controller ,NSK bearing. And all frame are made by SS 304.

3. Uses inverter to control the speed, so could adjust according to the operation need.