Qingdao Feifan Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd

Welcome to FEIFAN Group! 26 years ago, our boss Mr Che Demei working for a Japan packing machine company,created Qingdao Feifan Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd in China, our company mainly focuses on R&D, producing, marketing and service of the packing machine and relative supporting products. Our products including Horizontal Packing Machine,shrink wrapping machine, cellophane wrapping machine,box motion type packing machine, auto feeding sytem and so on. They are widely used in

Hot Products

    • Vegetable Packing Machinery

      Vegetable Packing Machinery

      *The vegetable packaging machinery is well designed with full function and stability. The sealing is very strong.
      *It can finish vacuum and sealing automatically..
      *The vacuum degree can be adjusted to make a better package..
      *Double motor, double Panasonic transducer and PLC controller flexible bag length setting and cutting,saving time and film.

    • Tablet Strip Packing Machine

      Tablet Strip Packing Machine

      The tablet strip packing machine is mainly used for packaging wafer and round granular articles in medicine, chemical industry and industrial products. Such as: sugar coated tablets, plain tablets, steel beads, capsules and other materials packaging.